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2024 Junior Summer Camps

The Summer Camp at YOMTC offers an excellent opportunity for children to stay active and engaged during the summer months.  We offer weekly full day and half day camps throughout the months of July and August.  Following Tennis Canada directives, our camp adopts The Progressive Tennis approach, ensuring that each camper develops fundamental skills effectively.

To learn more about Progressive Tennis:  CLICK HERE

In addition to tennis instruction, our camp places a strong emphasis on socialization and enjoyment. Through a variety of on-court and off-court activities, our experienced coaches strive to make learning the game a fun and interactive experience for every child.  Social skills are equally important as physical abilities. Through caring and knowledgeable guidance, our kind coaches will create a positive camp atmosphere where kids can engage positively and develop essential skills such as communication, teamwork, empathy, and sportsmanship.


Weekly Camps (Monday - Friday)

9-4 pm (Full-Day)

9-12pm / 1 pm - 4 pm (½ Day)

Please Note:  Half Day participants have the option to be present during the supervised 12-1pm Lunch Break


Red Ball (5-8 yrs)

9-11 am - On-Court Training (court 2)

11-12 pm - Off- Court Activities 

12-1 pm - Lunch

1-3 pm - On-Court Training (court 2)

3-4 pm - Off-Court Activities 

Orange & Green Ball (8-10 & 10-12 yrs)


9-10 am - Off-Court Activities

10-12 am - On-Court Training (court 1)

12-1 pm - Lunch

1-2 pm - Off-Court Activities

2-4 pm - On-Court Training (court 1)

Regular Ball (12-17 yrs)

9-10 am - On Court Training (court 1)

10-11 am - Off-Court Activities 

11-12 pm - On-Court Training (court 2)

12-1 pm - Lunch

1-2 pm - On-Court Training (court 1)

2-3 pm - Off-Court Activities 

3-4 pm - On-Court Training (court 2)

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