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Coaching At YOMTC

Whether you are new to tennis or have been playing the game forever, all of us strive to play to the best of our abilities. Improving comes through great coaching, repetition (practice) and being exposed to a variety of games and situations. Even the most talented players need all these elements to improve.


To make big strides forward in your overall tennis abilities, professional coaching is certainly the way to go. Even the top ranked players in the world look to their coach to help them incorporate new shots, new strategies, better movement, increased fitness, and more concentrated focus. With great coaching comes overall improvement of proper technique which can also help to reduce injury and extend your time on the court.


The YOMTC is proud to offer our members lots of different opportunities for improvement. Our Club Tennis Professionals offers years of experience at the highest levels that you can benefit from. Group lessons, private lessons and clinics of all levels and different focuses allow you to truly bring your game up a level and help to make your time at the club more fulfilling.


(per hour)

Private:  $80 (1 person)

Semi-private:   $50 per person (2 ppl)

Group Lesson: $35 per person (up to 4 ppl)


Lesson Packages: 

11 for 10 Privates (Pay 10 and get 11 lessons): $800

5 Private Lessons: $400

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