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Marta Chytchian (Head Pro)

Originally from Ukraine, Coach Marta is a Tennis Canada Certified Coach and a former international junior competitor for over six years. Marta’s brother, Roman, brought her to her first tennis lesson at seven, and soon after she became a top 10 junior UTF player, formerly competing and winning against some of the current WTA players.

Marta is dedicated to contributing to the growth of the tennis community by educating people and sharing her knowledge about the sport. She takes a holistic approach to teaching, covering technical aspects, biomechanics, strategy, and the mental game. She looks forward to seeing you all on the court!

Moreover, Marta is certified as a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Nutritionist by The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). She firmly believes in the connection between fitness, tennis, and proper nutrition, which inspired her to earn these credentials.


Marta teaches all kinds of programs and offers private lessons and hitting sessions.

Email to inquire

Alonso Cortes (Assistant Pro)

Alonso Cortes_edited.jpg

Alonso Cortes, a highly skilled tennis player and coach from Mexico City, has been playing tennis since the age of 5. With over 13 years of training at a high-performance academy, Alonso is passionate about coaching and helping others improve their game. Known for his exceptional skills and dedication, he has participated in National tournaments . With personalized mentorship, Alonso focuses on enhancing individual strengths and areas for improvement. He remains committed to empowering his students to

reach their full potential both on and off the court.


Alonso teaches all kinds of programs and offers private lessons and hitting sessions.

Email to inquire


Private:  $70 (1 person)

Semi-private:   $45 per person (2 ppl)

Group Lesson: $35 per person (3 ppl)

Group Lesson: $30 per person (4 ppl)


Lesson Packages: 

11 for 10 Privates (Pay 10 and get 11 lessons): $700

Private Hitting Session:  $50 (1 person)

Semi-Private Hitting Session:  $30 per person (2 people)

*Hitting sessions do not involve the use of ball hoppers.  

* HST INCLUDED in Prices

For questions about lessons or clinics, please email

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