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The purpose of YOMTC's Booking Rules & Playing Regulations is to encourage a pleasant, courteous and welcoming atmosphere at the Club, to promote respectful play and ensure fair sharing of the Club’s facilities.


The YOMTC  strives to provide a fun, stress-free environment. Members are expected to maintain respectful and courteous decorum while engaged in any on court or off court YOMTC organized functions.


It is every member’s responsibility to lead by example by observing these simple guiding principles:


  • Please follow directions given by YOMTC staff or any person acting on the YOMTC’s behalf.

  • Please keep your cool — verbal outbursts or abuse of equipment will not be tolerated.

  • Please share the court. Don’t monopolize court time by trying to cheat the booking system.

  • Please ensure to cancel your court booking(s) well in advance so other members have ample time to book.

Board Directors are elected members who volunteer their time to serve the interests of the membership as a whole. We appreciate and welcome your input and hope that you will in turn respect the effort that goes into the successful operation of the Club.


Thanks for your support!


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