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Guest Registration

In order play at YOMTC as a guest (with a member), or to participate in any eligible programs, non-members must first create a guest profile and sign the liability waiver.  For guest bookings with members, the guest fee must be paid via credit card by the member at the time of booking.  Guest fees are strictly non-refundable, but if the court is cancelled within the permitted timeframe, or is cancelled due to inclement weather, the fee will be credited to the member account for future use.  All guests are subject to the same playing rules and regulations members must also adhere to. 


If you are having difficulty with the guest registration process, you may follow this detailed 10-step guide to create a guest / non-member account and make a court booking with them in less than 5 minutes.  Best viewed on a desktop, laptop, or tablet

Step 1:  Guests / non-members should set up their profile themselves.  Click on the "Guest Registration" button.  If a current member chooses to set up the profile, they must first log out of their account before clicking "Guest Registration".  Fill out all required information then click "Save & Next":

Tutorial 2_edited.jpg
Tutorial 3_edited_edited.jpg

Step 2:  Fill out the required information and then click "SAVE & NEXT".

Step 3:  Fill out the required information and then click "SAVE & NEXT".

Step 4:  Read through the liability waiver and if you agree, click the box at the bottom and then "SAVE & NEXT".

Step 5:  Confirm all your info is correct.  You can edit any section if necessary, then click "CONFIRM & SUBMIT".

Tutorial 9_edited.jpg

Voila, you now have a non-member / guest account set up !

Step 6:  Now it's time for the YOMTC Member to book a court  with their new guest !  The guests name will be listed when you go to book a court.  If the guest has not completed their guest profile and agreed to the liability waiver, no name will appear and you can't book the court with them.

Step 7:  Once the court has been booked, the members will have 15 minutes to pay the court fee, otherwise the booking will be cancelled and the court released.  Click the "Pay Court Fee" button to proceed to payment.

Step 8:  You will be taken to a screen showing you various info like court booking date & time,  guest fee charges, and the number of guest bookings you have left (Please note: the total number of guest booking a member may have  per season is 8 and not 4).  Click the "Pay By Credit Card" button to proceed to payment page.

Step 9:  You may now enter your credit card details into our encrypted and secure payment system

Step 10:  Congratulations.  You have successfully created a booking with your new guest.  Please keep in mind, if your guest would like to become a member, they must first go on the waitlist like everyone else, no matter who they are !

Tutorial 15_edited.png

We hope you have enjoyed this 10-step-guide to the exciting world of guest registration and payment !

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