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Progressive Tennis uses a system of modified courts, racquets and balls scaled to maximize learning for different levels and/or age groups. Just like many other sports (e.g. Mini-soccer, T-Ball, etc.), scaling the game down to the size of the child speeds up the learning process and makes the game more fun.

The colour-coded system is fully endorsed by the International Tennis Federation and has been adopted by the majority of countries worldwide.


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Red Ball (5-8yrs)

Red Ball introduces the foundational skills of tennis with an oversized low-compression ball on a smaller court. Players learn basic rally, serve and net play skills along with activities that build tennis-specific coordination and fundamental motor skills. Lessons also focus on important social skills like teamwork and sportsmanship, helping kids form positive friendships

Orange Ball (8-10yrs)

Orange tennis is played on a 3⁄4 size court with a low-compression ball. Players learn how to serve, rally, score and play at the net reinforcing the fundamentals of tennis. Social skills like teamwork and sportsmanship are also emphasized.

Green Ball (10-12yrs)

Green Ball players learn to serve, rally, score, and play at the net in singles and doubles on a regulation-sized court with a low-compression transition ball. Lessons take players through a progression of skill-building activities that speed learning. Lessons also prioritize enhancing social skills such as collaboration & cooperation, manners and etiquette, and sportsmanship.

*Players will be partnered by age and skill level.

Regular Ball (12-16yrs)

Green Ball tennis incorporates both regular yellow tennis balls and low-compression transition balls. Players learn to rally with improved direction and height control, serve with better power and control, return serves, and approach and play net with volleys and overheads. Lessons also focus on improving social abilities like teamwork, respect, and fair play, emphasizing collaboration and good manners.

Racquet size: 27" for ages 12+ and height 5' or taller.

*Players will be partnered by age and skill level.

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