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2023 Spring Update From The President

With Spring now here we at the Club are hard at work preparing for the 2023 Tennis season, with plenty of new and exciting news to share on this, our 50th anniversary! The Member renewal period has now passed with over 85% returning and a few coveted openings now being filled by our extensive wait list. The Junior Members have also returned in great numbers and a few spots remain that will soon be offered to those juniors on the waitlist.  Junior registrations will begin shortly. So don't delay on that if you know of anyone who would be interested in putting their juniors on the waitlist which is now open. 

March 25th, 2023


The results are back for  the survey we attached to the Member renewal process and I am very happy to share that we have strong support for bringing back Inter County Team Tennis! We will have ONE mixed (men and women's) B Team competing in the High Park area, and in addition to traveling to play against such Clubs as the Boulevard Club, get to host 6 evenings of top Tennis over the course of the season. These will be must-see events in conjunction with our 50th season, where we can all come together to support our team, have a drink and a snack, wander around our wonderful club, and watch some top level Tennis. Stay tuned for more details about competing, support, and try outs.  For now, we want to see how the one intercounty team will work out, but next year, we will consider a daytime team as well if there is enough interest.  


We are also bringing back the Friday morning Round Robin for the month of June! This was taken away due to pandemic restrictions and we will be keeping an eye on the level of interest and will leave open the possibility of continuing this event into the fall. Stay tuned for more information on that in the weeks to come. 


Lastly, we have made some changes to booking courts and supporting our Junior players. Last year as you may recall we had to wait until 10pm to book courts for the 3rd day in advance, with Junior players having to wait until 11pm. We at the Board felt this needed to be updated and all Members made equal.  So I'm happy to report that the time now to book courts in advance will be bumped up to 9pm and made equal for Adult and Junior Members. In addition, Junior Member restrictions on playing weekend mornings have been eliminated. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone out on the courts, and believe strongly that supporting our Juniors is an important responsibility we all share in shaping the future of the sport we all love. 


That's it for now, stay tuned for more exciting things as we celebrate 50 years of Tennis at the Old Mill. I can be reached at or directly at 416-268-4425. See you on the courts!


Brad Kovatch



Direct 416-268-4425

2023 AGM Recap From The President

February 26, 2023


Hello and good day to all YOMTC Members, I'm happy to report we had an excellent turnout for our 2023 AGM held this past Tuesday February 21st, at The Old Mill Hotel and Spa. We touched on a number of issues and priorities for the upcoming tennis season which is just around the corner. We said thank you and happy retirement to our former President Martin Perry who served the Board this past year as Past President, a support role for all current Board Members. We also said thank you and see you on the courts to our longtime Treasurer Calin Toadere who we all owe a huge collective thank you for taking us from near bankruptcy several years ago to the healthy vibrant financial position today that the club currently enjoys. Thank you Calin! And finally, we said thank you very much to Kim Morris, who served the Board for many years in various roles including Social Events, Clubhouse Redesigns, Tournaments, and as Special liaison with our Coaches. Thank you Kim for everything. 



We welcomed 2 new Board Members.  First we welcomed Azel Mulagulova, a multi talented addition to the Board, well experienced with running tournaments, working with coach's, and a fierce competitor on court. Welcome Azel.  Our final addition, a longtime member, and our newest Treasurer, please welcome Jamie Bulnes. Jamie has served previously on other boards and has the vast experience required for the vital role of Treasurer.  Thank you and welcome Jamie. Our fantastic Coaches are back for 2023! Welcome back Nelson and Andres, we are truly lucky to have you. Check in for updates on a wide variety of programs, clinics, and private lessons ( Your energy and professionalism are valuable assets to the YOMTC. 

Check out our new and improved website ( ! So many great new additions and information for all of us, just in time for our big 5-0! 


Without further adieu, your 2023 Board at the YOMTC are.... 


Brad Kovatch : President

Azel Mulagulova : Tournaments & Special Events

Fiona Childe : Communications (

Jamie Bulnes : Treasurer

Karen Hatchard: Social

Ken Eliott : Operations

Margaret McDonald : Secretary

Mark Benesh : Membership (



We as a Board and the  Membership at large have a lot to decide before we open the 2023 season. This is the YOMTC's 50th anniversary, and we want to make this our biggest and best season ever. What kinds of things can we do together? We had some great discussions and  debate on hot button topics, specifically  Inter County Tennis.  Do we have strong interest among Members to compete against other clubs? If we do, would Members come down to the courts to support our team on the 6-7 nights over the course of the regular season?  Do we have what it takes to make the playoffs?  Only 2 of 8 teams make the cut!  What kind of atmosphere would that look like? Can we make these nights into must-see  events?  What about more opportunities to compete against fellow members? How about just more time for regular play? All good questions, so let's get some answers. What would that schedule look like? What about round robins? Junior programs, Coaching schedules, Junior Playing restrictions, so many discussions with many outlooks and opinions to navigate and find a balance that works for all. We at the Board want to hear from you. We will be attaching a survey to your 2023 Membership renewal to start to hear from all of you, but our club emails are always open and feedback is vital to giving you the kind of club we can all be proud of. The kind of club and community we deserve. I can't wait to get this going, I look forward to seeing all of you down at the courts, here's to a fantastic season and I can always be reached at


   Talk soon, 


Brad Kovatch



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