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2022 Club Championships

Open A Singles:

Champion: Mark Benesh  

Runner up: Ryan Wagner

Open B Singles:

Champion: Devlin Moniz

Runner up: Milos Cherny


Women's B Singles:

Champion: Sarisaa Arora

Runner up: Fiona Childe


Open A Doubles:

Champions: Jimmy Alexiou and Vlad Abramov 

Runner up: Azel Mulagulova and Andrei Badescu


Men's B Doubles:

Champions: Devlin Moniz and André Moniz

Runner up: Tom Jarmai and Devin Crago


Women's A&B Doubles:

Champions: Liz Van Wonderen and Judy Brown

Runner up: Shona Eakins and Linda Robertson


Mixed B Doubles:

Champions: Fiona Childe and Jamie Bulnes

Runner up: Carol Erdelyi and Ryan Erdelyi

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