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2024 Adult Clinics 

The adult clinics are a great way for members to improve their game and meet practice partners.  We offer a wide variety of levels and types of play, from beginner to advanced.  We offer clinics centered on doubles play, improving stroke production & technique, serving practice, as well as Cardio Tennis sessions.


There will be monthly blocks of clinics running from May until October.  Registration and payment for programs are done directly through the club booking software.

Please view the following to determine which clinics you should be joining:     SELF RATING GUIDE

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Adult Fundamentals (1.0-1.5)

The Fundamentals program is designed for individuals new to tennis and beginners with minimal experience looking to refresh their skills or establish proper habits. Participants will learn foundational techniques, including grip, stance, and swing mechanics for forehand, backhand, volley, and serve. The program emphasizes the development of basic motor skills, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and court positioning. Participants will build a strong foundation, setting them up for future advancement in the game of tennis. Additionally, the program incorporates exciting drills and games to keep participants engaged and motivated fostering a lifelong love for the game.

Adult Beginners (2.0-2.5)

The Beginner program is designed for individuals with basic tennis experience. Players have confidently mastered the fundamentals of connecting with the ball and are now ready to progress toward the intermediate level. Through refining their technical skills, participants will master effective rallying, accurate aiming, and fundamental competition strategies. The program emphasizes mastering teamwork and consistency through enjoyable cooperative drills and engaging competitive games.

Adult Intermediate (3.0-3.5)

The Intermediate program is designed for individuals who have progressed beyond the basics of tennis and are ready to elevate their skills to the next level. Participants at this stage have developed a solid foundation in fundamental techniques and ball control. The program emphasizes tactical decision-making skills, mastering consistency, and adaptability in live ball situations. Participants will refine their tennis skills to a higher level, working on improving shot variety, positioning on the court, and learning advanced strategies for competitive play. Additionally, the program incorporates exciting drills and games to keep participants engaged and motivated.

Adult Advanced (4.0 +)

The Advanced program is for experienced players ready to take their game to the highest level. Participants at this level showcase dependable strokes with precise directional control and depth across all shot types. Our focus is on mastering the game holistically. Through diverse drills and engaging games, players will refine skills such as shot selection, accuracy, power, spin, footwork, and approach shots. Engaging in live ball play will significantly enhance players' ability to adapt their strategies to opponents and improve consistency, which are vital aspects of the game.

Doubles Strategy (3.0 +)

*Intermediate and advanced levels

The Doubles Strategy program is for those looking to learn how to play doubles effectively. It emphasizes tactics, communication, and teamwork between players sharing the same side of the court. Key elements are positioning, shot selection, serve and volley coordination, net play, and strategies for both offensive and defensive situations. Moreover, the program incorporates a range of dynamic and engaging drills to help participants become better doubles players and enhance their overall game.

Serving Class (All levels)

*All levels

The Serving program is all about enhancing players' serves to elevate their game. It focuses on refining the technique, enhancing consistency, and strategic placement on the court, while also developing effective returns. Key areas covered include stance, grip, toss, and follow-through for better power and accuracy. Through practice drills and guidance, participants will improve their serving abilities and feel more confident in their game.

Cardio Tennis (All Levels)

*All levels

The Cardio Tennis program is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their fitness levels while enjoying the sport of tennis. The program combines dynamic elements of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, making it a powerful combo for boosting both fitness and tennis skills. With a focus on movement, agility, and endurance, Cardio Tennis offers a comprehensive workout experience while also covering fundamental aspects of tennis technique. Whether you're aiming to boost your cardiovascular health or refine your tennis game, Cardio Tennis provides a fun and effective way to achieve your fitness goals.

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